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“I was extremely nervous handing off my macbook.”

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IT Security

It is a fact that many businesses are not properly protected against the current threats that are out there. From Trojans Viruses, to hackers, to malicious staff events, it is more important than ever to ensure your IT protection is complete.

We offer complete security testing, installation, and maintenance including network security and access restrictions, end user and remote data access, and security devices, software, and best practice solutions to help you in protecting your valuable IT assets. Most security initiatives can be easily implemented with minimal down time and we can provide a full report on changes that need to be made, explained in plain English, for you to make a decision on.

Our IT security experts also provide a full penetration testing service where we will attempt to exploit weaknesses in your current IT infrastructure. This is provided under strict non-malicious, privacy, and confidentiality type agreements with a full report afterwards. Contact us 7 days on (02) 9037-5556 and ensure your IT systems are properly protected today.